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5 industries transformed through aerial surveying technology

Aerial photogrammetry makes it easier to plan and execute projects across a vast geography, so UAV aerial survey technology is being embraced by all kinds of industries.

This is just a brief sample of some enterprises partnering with UAV service providers:


With high-value assets scattered over thousands of miles, utilities are a natural fit for UAV aerial survey. It’s never been easier to see where maintenance is needed and get to the root cause of problems. It’s safer, too: With an eye in the sky, climbing power poles becomes much rarer.

Construction Companies

Construction brands love aerial photogrammetry for all kinds of reasons. Construction projects can get off the ground faster thanks to efficient, accurate site surveys. Plus, reporting is easier than ever due to 3D project timelines that can be sent to anyone with one click.

Telecommunications Firms

Telecoms of all sizes are using UAV service providers to make day-to-day work safer and more efficient. With drones, even sm…

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