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How to find the right industrial drone services provider

Drone mapping services can accelerate projects and save a lot of money – but first, you need to pick out the right company. Thousands of brands promoting “drone inspection services” have sprung up over the last few years and they’re not all created equal!

Here’s how to choose:

1. Make Sure You’re Getting High Resolution Aerial Imagery

Before you start vetting a company, you can ask for evidence they’re producing truly high resolution aerial imagery. Today’s top drones can clearly photograph a tiny part number on a piece of equipment and generate 3D reality maps accurate to less than an inch. Get samples!

2. Verify Credentials

Commercial drone operators need to be certified with the Federal Aviation Administration and familiar with a wide range of rules. They should also be fully insured – if your vendor flies a drone into a cliff during drone mapping services, the cost should be on them!

3. Find Out About Recent Clients

Not all drone inspection services are right for all industries. Some…

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